Every year we commit to supporting one charity with our skills in video production. In 2018 we worked with Breast Cancer Haven Leeds, who were in their 10th year of operation, helping to raise awareness about what they do for their visitors who are battling with Breast Cancer.  This video would be used at their 10th birthday event with the hope of raising funds for more visitors to get this vital support.
We didn’t hold back.  It was important for us to create a video that created impact and left the audience inspired, perhaps emotional but keen to act and make a difference.  This took a heavy creative development stage to find the right approach, as well as a clear focus on research, talking with visitors and asking why it is they require the services of Breast Cancer Haven.  We needed to know what it was like to live with cancer.  We learnt about the struggles they faced during and after clinical treatment, trying to integrate back into the life’s they once had.  We learnt that they would never hear the words “you are cured”.  They would always live under the cloud of cancer.  It was an eye opening experience.
We invited 8 women to our studio for interviews.  What was amazing was how open and willing they all were to talk about their diagnosis.  But what was also amazing was how positive they seemed.  They all talked about how the diagnosis had changed them for the better.  How it had made them more alive and determined to life the live they wanted.  But to get to this mindset was a journey.  A journey that Breast Cancer Haven would support them with.  
At the birthday event the video helped to raise £25,000 and received some wonderful feedback from attendees.  The money will help to support 25 people access these vital free services.  If you would like to find out more about this amazing charity or if you would like to provide a donation please follow the link below.